人生无论在极坏的时候或是最好的时候,总是美的,而且向来是美的。——德莱塞   Life is always beautiful, and always beautiful, at the best of times, but in the best of times. -- Dreiser   所谓高质量人生,其实就是平衡不断遭到破坏和重建。——赵鑫珊   The so-called high quality of life, in fact, the balance is constantly being destroyed and rebuilt. -- Zhao Xinshan   真实的十分理智的友谊是人生最美好的无价之宝。——高尔基   The real reason is the priceless friendship is the most beautiful. - Golgi   人生最终的目的在于觉醒和思考的能力,而不只在于生存。——亚里思多德   The ultimate goal of life lies in the ability to awaken and think, and not just to survive. -- A Reith Dodd   倦怠乃人生之大患,人们常叹人生暂短,其实人生悠长,只是由于不知它的用途。维尼人对快乐
的感受有逊于对痛苦的感受。——李维   Burnout is the life of people, people often sigh of life is short, life is long, just because it uses the. Vigny's feeling of happiness is inferior to the feeling of pain. -- Livy   随遇而安:人生在世求名利难,求一份好心情也难,随遇而安更难。无论做任何事不要为了过份追求名利而破坏了自己的那份好心情。——报摘   Make life difficult for seeking fame and fortune, a good mood is difficult, it is more difficult to. Do not do anything for the sake of the excessive pursuit of fame and fortune to destroy their own good mood. - News   力成文学:改变好习惯比改掉坏习惯容易的多,这是人生的一大悲衰。——毛姆   Easy to change the habit to get rid of some bad habits, this is a sad life. -- Maugham   围在城里的人想逃出来,站在城外的人想冲进去,婚姻也罢、事业也罢,人生的欲望大都如此。—杨绛   People in the city want to escape, standing outside the city people want to rush into, marriage, career worth mentioning, most of the desire of life. -- Yang Jiang   人生太短,要干的事太多,我要争分夺秒。——爱迪生   Life is too short, too much to do, I have no time to lose. -- Edison   对于我们来说,生活中必须有,也应该有某种人生信仰它偶尔用一句话、一场梦、一种表情或一个事件向我们传递一种令人振奋的消息。——蒙哥马利   For us, life must be, and there should be some kind of belief in life that we can use a word, a dream, an expression, or an event to deliver a message to us. -- Montgomerie   人生在世界是短暂的,对这短暂的人生,我们最好的报答就是工作。——爱迪生   Life in the world is short, to this short life, our best reward is work. -- Edison   虽然人人都企求得很多,但所需要的却是微乎其微。因为人生是短暂的,人的命运是有限的。——歌德   Although everyone is asking a lot, but the need is very little. Because life is short, man's fate is limited. -- Gerd   人生的光荣,不在于永不言败,而在于能够屡扑屡起。——拿破仑   The glory of life, is not solely, but can be repeated from repeated head. -- Napoleon   人生是短暂的,每个人都有一个一生,不会再多。——李尔克   Life is short, everyone has a life, no more. -- Li Erke   人生最苦痛的是梦醒了无路可走。做梦的人是幸福的;倘没有看出可走的路,最要紧的是不要去惊醒他。——鲁迅   Life is the most painful wake of nowhere. Dream people are happy; if there is no way to see the road, the most important thing is not to wake him. -- Lu Xun   苦难对于人生是一块垫脚石,对于能干的人是一笔财富,对于弱者是个万丈深渊。——巴尔扎克   Suffering is a stepping stone for life, for is a wealth of talented people, for the weak is an abyss. -- Balzac   人生最大的骄傲,就是在成年时实现童年的梦想。——马佳   The greatest pride in life is to realize the dream of childhood in adulthood. -- Ma Jia   要充分利用人生——人生短促,很快就消逝了。——奥尔迪斯   To make full use of life: life is short, soon disappeared. -- Aldiss   英语人生名言:真正的幸福只有当你真实地认识到人生的价值时,才能体会到。——穆尼尔·纳素夫   True happiness is when you realize the value of life. -- Munir Nassef   人生就是那么回事,跟厨房一样腥臭。要捞油水不能怕弄脏手,只消事后干净,今日所谓道德,不过是这么一点。——巴尔扎克   Life is something else, with the kitchen smell. To fishing water can not be afraid of dirty hands, just after clean, today the so-called moral, but is so little. -- Balzac   人生是跋涉,也是旅行;是等待,也是重逢;是探险,也是寻宝;是眼泪,也是歌声。——汪国真   Life is a journey, travel; is waiting, also is a reunion; exploration, also is the tears, is singing the treasure. -- Wang Guozhen   阅读的最大理由是想摆脱平庸,早一天就多一份人生的精彩;迟一天就多一天平庸的困扰。——余   Reading is the biggest reason is to get rid of mediocrity, early one day more of a life of wonderful; one day later on for one more day mediocre distress. -- Yu Qiuyu   没有油画、雕塑、音乐、诗歌以及各种自然美所引起的情感,人生乐趣会失掉一半。——斯宾塞   No oil painting, sculpture, music, poetry, and all kinds of natural beauty caused by emotion, the joy of life will lose half. -- Spencer   人生是非常短暂的,但是如果只注意到其短暂那就连一点价值都没有了。——沃韦纳戈   Life is very short, but if you only notice it's short, there's no value at all. -- Wo Vee Nagel   青春是人生最快乐的时光,但这种快乐往往完全是因为它充满着希望。——卡莱尔   Youth is the most happy time in life, but this is often because it is full of hope. -- Carlile   力成文学:人生不得行胸怀,虽寿百岁犹为夭。——何良俊   Life is not for the mind, although still Yao Shou hundred. -- He Liangjun   人生照例是一场值得一搏的争衡,然而它的奖品是拼斗。——拉尔夫·詹   Life as usual is a worth it in, but it is the prize fight. -- Ralph Jan   一个人在其人生道路上如果不注意结识新交,就会很快感到孤单。先生,人应当不断地充实自己对别人的友谊。——塞·约翰逊   A person in their life on the road if you do not pay attention to meet new people, it will soon feel lonely. Sir, people should constantly enrich their friendship to others. -- Jose Johnson   人生就是学校。在那里,与其是幸福,毋宁是不幸才是好的教师。因为,生存是在深渊的孤独里。——海德格尔   Life is school. There is happiness, is rather unfortunate is a good teacher. Because, life is in the abyss of loneliness. -- Heidegger   人生在世,事业为重。一息尚存,绝不松劲。——吴玉章   Life is alive, the cause is heavy. Alive, never slack. -- Wu Yuzhang   我们应该顺应自然,立在真实上,求得人生的光明,不可陷入勉强、虚伪的境界,把真正人生都归幻灭。——李大钊   We should conform to the nature, stand on truth, light of life is obtained, in reluctantly, the hypocrisy of the realm, the real life are owned by disillusionment. -- Li Dazhao   当你服务他人的时候,人生不再是毫无意义的。——葛登纳   When you serve others, life is no longer meaningless. -- Ge Dengna   人生就是学校。在那里,与其说好的教师是幸福,不如说好的教师是不幸。——海贝尔   Life is school. There, it is better to say that the teacher is happy, not as good as the teacher is unfortunate. -- Haibel   求乐的人生观,才是自然的人生观,真实的人生观。我们应该顺其自然,立在真实上,求得人生的光明,不可陷入勉强虚伪境界,把真正人生都归于幻灭。——李大钊   Seeking pleasure in life, is the natural outlook on life, real life. We should let nature take its course, in the real, light of life is obtained, in barely hypocrisy realm, the real life attributed to disillusionment. -- Li Dazhao   人生虽只有几十春秋,但它决不是梦一般的幻灭,而是有着无穷可歌可颂的深长意义的;附和真理,生命便会得到永生。——泰戈尔   Life although only a few tens of spring and Autumn period, but it is definitely not a dream disillusioned, but infinitely song song of profound significance; echoing the truth, life would have eternal life. -- Tagore   英语人生名言:世上惟有一个真理:便是忠实于人生,并且热爱人生。——罗曼·罗兰   There is only one truth in the world: to be faithful to life, and to love life. -- Roman Roland   人生成功的秘诀是当好机会来临时,立刻抓住它。——狄斯累利   The secret of success in life is better when the opportunity comes, seize it immediately. - Di Si Li   说出一个人真实的思想是人生极大的安慰。——伏尔泰   To say a person's true mind is a great comfort to life. -- Voltaire   世间万物有盛衰,人生安得常少年。——于谦   All the things in the world have ups and downs, ande often young life. -- Yu Qian   未尝过艰辛的人,只能看到世界的一面,而不知其另一面。真正的人生,只有在经过艰苦卓绝的斗争之后才能实现。——塞涅卡   Not too hard, can only see the side of the world, and I do not know the other side. Real life, only after extremely hard and bitter struggle to realize. -- Seneca   没有人生活在过去,也没有人生活在未来,现在是生命确实占有的唯一形态。——叔本华   No one lives in the past, no one lives in the future, and now is the only form of life is indeed a possession. -- Schopenhauer   在我们所具有的一切缺点中,最为粗鲁的乃是轻视我们的存在。了,越爱人生,就越不能服膺生活者的条件。如果只为了凝视人生,要意识做什么呢。——杜·伽尔   In all our shortcomings, the most rude is to despise our existence. The more love life, more can't remember life conditions. If you just stare at life, what do you want to know. -- Du Gal