只要愿意学习,就一定能够学会。——列宁   As long as you are willing to learn, you will be able to learn. -- Lenin   对于不屈不挠的人来说,没有失败这回事。——俾斯麦   There is no such thing as failure for an indomitable man. -- Bismarck   一切背离了公正的知识都应叫做狡诈,而不应称为智慧。——柏拉图   All from the fair knowledge should be called cunning, but should not be called wisdom.   青春是不耐久藏的东西。——莎士比亚   Youth is something that is not durable. -- Shakespeare   智慧属于人类,而格属于作家。——莫佩尔蒂   Wisdom belongs to the human race, while the style is a writer. -- Mo Pertti   习俗是爱情的天敌。——布尔沃·利顿   Custom is the natural enemy of love. -- Bulwer Lytton   中断了的友谊,应当说本来就没有友谊。——普卡利西尔   An interruption of friendship, it should be said that there is no friendship. -- Bukhari Sill   思想以自己的言语喂养它自己,而成长起来。——泰戈尔   Thought feeds itself with words, and grows up. -- Tagore   心灵不在它生活的地方,但在它所爱的地方。——英国谚语   The soul is not where it lives, but where it loves. - English proverb   心之需要智慧,甚于身体之需要饮食。——阿卜·日   The need for wisdom is more than that of the body. A-bu - day   劳动使人建立对自己理智力量的信心。——高尔基   Labour to build up faith in the power of reason. - Golgi   能够使我飘浮于人生的泥沼中而不致陷污的,是我的信心。——但丁   I can float in the mire life without depression sewage, is my confidence. Dante:   美好的思想,没有美好的品德来陪伴,它不过是泡影。——摩索姆达   Good idea, no virtue to accompany, but it is a bubble. - Mount somda   爱情埋在心灵深处,并不是住在双唇之间。——丁尼生   Love is buried deep in one’s heart,not between the lips. -- Tennyson   虚荣是骄傲的食物,轻蔑是它的饮料。——富兰克林   Vanity is the pride of the food, contempt is its drink. -- Franklin   竭诚相助亲密无间,乃友谊之最高境界。——瓦鲁瓦尔   Dedicated to help close is the highest level of friendship. -- Waluwa M   有高尚思想的人永不会孤独的。——西德尼   People with lofty ideals will never be lonely. -- Sidney   爱情无需言作媒,全在心领神会。——哈佛格尔   Love without words for the media, all at the hint. Koal -- Harvard   有钱,爱情就能长久。——卡克斯顿   With money, love can last. -- Caxton   品格能决定人生,它比天资更重要。——弗·桑德斯   Character can determine life, it is more important than talent. -- F Sanders   劳动可以使我们摆脱三大灾祸:寂寞恶习贫困。——歌德   Labor can free us from the three great evils: the lonely habit of poverty. -- Gerd   缺乏对事业的热爱,才华也是无用的。——尼柯拉耶维奇   Lack of love for the cause,
talent is useless. -- Nicola Ossip   人生是由短暂的开花期,和长久的花枯萎构成的。——乌兰德   Life is made up of a short flowering period, and long lasting flowers. -- Vlad   青春不是人生的一段时期,而是心灵的一种状况。——塞涅卡   Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind. -- Seneca   对时间的慷慨,就等于慢性自杀。——奥斯特洛夫斯基   Generosity of time is equal to chronic suicide. -- aositeluo   智慧的最大成就,也许要归功于激情。——沃韦纳戈   The greatest achievement of wisdom, perhaps due to passion. -- Wo Vee Nagel   伟大的工作,并不是用力量而是用耐心去完成的。——约翰逊   Great work is not done with strength but with patience. -- Johnson   一旦科学插上幻想的翅膀,它就能赢得胜利。——法拉第   Once science is inserted into the wings of fantasy, it can win. -- Faraday   人生如同道路。最近的捷径通常是最坏的路。——培根   Life is like a road. The most recent short cut is usually the worst. -- Bacon   任何时候为爱情付出的一切都不会白白浪费。——塔索   No time for love to pay all will not be wasted. - Tasso   智者的智慧是一种不平常的常识。——拉尔夫·英   The wisdom of a wise man is an uncommon common sense. - Ralph English   生活的智慧大概就在于遇事问个为什么。——巴尔扎克   The wisdom of life probably lies in failing to ask why. -- Balzac   你因成功而内心充满喜悦的时候,就没有时间颓废。——弗兰克·迈耶   When you are filled with joy in your heart, there is no time to be decadent. -- Frank Mayer   对所学知识内容的兴趣可能成为学习动机。——赞科夫   Interest in the content of the knowledge may become a learning motivation. - Zankov   就是神,在爱情中也难保持聪明。——培根   Is God, in love, it is difficult to keep smart. -- Bacon   天才的悲剧地于被小而舒适的名望所束缚。——芥川龙之介   The tragedy of a genius is tied to a small but comfortable place. -- Akutagawa Ryunosuke   时间是审查一切罪犯的最老练的法官。——莎士比亚   Time is the most sophisticated judge of all criminals. -- Shakespeare   人在自己的劳动中创造自己并理解劳动的美。——苏霍姆林斯基   In their own labor to create and understand the beauty of labor. -- Sue Home Linsky   一个民族正经历着动荡,我们,在被幸运之神垂青。——希特勒   A nation is experiencing turmoil in the US, favored by luck. -- Hitler