我不愿意把我们之间的友谊比作铁链;因为铁链也许会被水锈蚀,或被倒下来的树砸断。——彭威廉   I don't want to get between us the friendship compared to chains; because the chains may be rain rust, or by a falling tree smashed. -- Peng Weilian      成功就是当洋溢的生命力突然冲决堤坝而汇入一条合适的渠道。——何怀宏   Success is filled with vitality when suddenly burst into a dam and the right channel. -- He Huaihong      爱情无需言作媒,全在心领神会。——哈佛格尔   Love without words for the media, all at the hint. Koal -- Harvard      道德当身,不以物惑。——管仲   Moral when the body, not to be confused. -- Guan Zhong      青年时鲁莽,老年时悔恨。——富兰克林   Youth is reckless, old age is regret. -- Franklin      青春一去不复返,事业一纵永无成。——勃朗宁   Youth is gone for ever, deeds into. -- Browning      真正的美德不可没有实用的智慧,而实用的智慧也不可没有美德。——亚里士多德   True virtue is not without practical wisdom, and practical wisdom can not be without virtue. -- Aristotle      大多数人是保守的,不轻易相信新事物,但能容忍对现实中的众多失败。——卡莱尔   Most people are conservative, not easily believe that the new things, but can tolerate many failures in reality. -- Carlile      人永远是要学习的。死的时候,才是毕业的时候。——萧楚女   People always want to learn. When I die, I will graduate from the school. -- Xiao Chunv      时间对于我来说是很宝贵的,用经济学的眼光看是一种财富。——鲁迅   Time is very precious for me, with the economics perspective is a kind of wealth. -- Lu Xun      健康的价值,贵重无比。它是人类为了追求它而惟一值得付出时间、血汗、劳动、财富——甚至付出生命的东西。——蒙田   The value of health is very valuable. It is human to pursue it only worth the time, sweat, labor, wealth, or even to pay to life. -- Montaigne      对世界上的一切学问与知识的掌握也并非难事,只要持之以恒地学习,努力掌握规律,达到熟悉的境地,就能融会贯通,运用自如了。——高士其   The master of the world all the wisdom and knowledge is not difficult, as long as you persevere in learning, and strive to master the rules and reach a familiar situation, will be able to digest and use it freely. -- Gao Shiqi      青年之文明,奋斗之文明也,与境遇奋斗,与时代奋斗,与经验奋斗。故青年者,人生之王,人生之春,人生之华也。——李大钊   The civilization of youth, struggle is the civilization and the circumstances and times of struggle, struggle, struggle and experience. So the youth, the king of life, the spring of life, life is also china. -- Li Dazhao      青年需要建设。青年也是未完的工程。可以称它是蕴藏着无限可能性的未知数。青年富有革命气息,是旺盛生命力的主人。——池田大作   Young people need to build. Youth is the unfinished project. It can be said is unlimited possibility of the unknown. The young revolutionary atmosphere, is the vitality of the master. -- Ikeda Oku      你不要把那人当作朋友,假如他在你幸运时表示好感。只有那样的人才算朋友,假如他能解救你的危难。——萨迪   You don't put that person as a friend, if he said in your lucky charms. So who is your friend, if he can save your distress. - SA di      这是一条友谊的规律:一旦疑心从前门走进,爱情就会从后门溜走。——毫厄尔   This is a friendship Law: once the suspect entered through the front door, love will slip out the back door. -- Earl      聪明的资质、内在的干劲、勤奋的工作态度和坚忍不拔的精神,这些都是科学研究成功所需要的其他条件。——贝弗里奇   Smart qualification, inner motivation, diligent working attitude and indomitable spirit, these are needed to succeed in scientific research of other conditions. -- Beveridge      人当活在真理和自我奉献里。——庞陀彼丹   When people live in truth and self sacrifice. - Pangtuo Bidan      创造一切非凡事物的那种神圣的爽朗精神总是同青年时代和创造力联系在一起的。——歌德   Create all the extraordinary things that bright spirit is always with young age and creativity together. -- Gerd      理想与现实之间,动机与行为之间,总有一道阴影。——爱略特   Between the ideal and the reality, between the motion and the act, falls the shadow. -- Eliot      珍视劳动,珍视人才,人才难得呀。——邓小平   Labor value, value the talents, a person of rare talent. -- Deng Xiaoping      书籍是人类思想的宝库。——乌申斯基   Books are a treasure house of human thought. -- Ushinski      人生一世,总有些片断当时看着无关紧要,而事实上却牵动了大局。——萨克雷   Life, some fragments at the time of no great importance, but in fact it affects the overall situation. -- Thackeray      我的那些最重要的发现是受到失败的启示而作出的。——戴维   My most important discovery is affected by the failure of inspiration and make. -- David      许多伟大的真理开始的时候都被认为是亵渎行为。——萧伯纳   When many great truths begin are considered to be blasphemy. -- Bernard Shaw      母鸡的理想不过是一把糠。——罗马尼亚   The ideal of a hen is nothing but a chaff. - Romania      青年需要向各方面发展,应该保持他天真活泼进取的态度永远不衰。一切固定性,偏执性,早熟性都是不应有的。——徐特立   The needs of youth development to various aspects, he should keep the innocent and lively attitude never fade away. All fixed, paranoid, earliness is not proper. -- Xu Teli      一年当中每个季节都有自己的美妙之处。老年就是人生的秋天。即使是秋天也有它迷人的地方,有它的优越性。——阿·利哈诺夫   In a year, each season has its own beauty. Old age is the fall of life. Even the fall has its charming place, with its superiority. -- A Likhanov      成功并不是重要的事,重要的是努力。——加费罗   Success is not important, it is important to. - Filo      劳动使人建立对自己理智力量的信心。——高尔基   Work to build on their own rational power of faith. - Golgi      修养之于心地,其重要犹如食物之于身体。——西塞罗   Cultivation of the mind, as important as food is to the body. -- Cicero      开诚布公与否和友情的深浅,不应该用时间的长短来衡量。——巴尔扎克   Frank and deep friendship, should not be used to measure the length of time. -- Balzac      英语名言警句大全:礼貌是儿童和青年都应该特别小心地养成习惯的第一件大事。——约翰·洛克   Politeness is the first thing for children and young people should be especially careful to cultivate the habit of. -- John Locke      传播知识就是播种幸福。科学研究的进展及日益扩大的领域将唤起我们的希望,而存在于人类身心上的细菌也将逐渐消失。——诺贝尔   Spread knowledge is sowing happiness. The progress of scientific research and the expanding fields will arouse our hope, exists in the bacteria on the human body and mind will gradually disappear. -- Nobel      因为真理是灿烂的,只要有一个罅隙,就能照高整个田野。——赫尔岑   Because the truth is brilliant, as long as there is a crack, can according to the whole field of high. -- Herzen      我深信卓越的创意作品,永远是一个成功代理商前进巨轮的中轴——过去是,现在是,未来亦如是。——李奥贝纳   I am convinced that superior creative work, is always a successful agents of the wheel axis -- in the past, is now, the future is the same. - Leo Burnett      人生欲求安全,当有五要:一清洁空气;二澄清饮水;三流沟渠;四扫洒屋宇;五日光充足。——南丁格尔   Safety of life desire, when the fifth: clean air; second clear water; three flow ditches; four sweeps shed houses; daylight for five is sufficient. -- Nightingale      金玉满堂莫收,古人安此尘丑。独以道德为友,故能延期不朽。——嵇康   The Mo, the security of this ugly dust. Only by moral as a friend, it can delay the immortal. -- Ji Kang      如果你表现得好像对自己的工作感兴趣,那一点表现就会使你的兴趣变得真实,还会减少你的疲惫、你的紧张,以及你的忧虑。——戴尔·卡耐基   If you behave "like" to their interest, the performance will be to your interest to become true, but also reduce your fatigue, tension, and your worries. -- Dale Carnegie      应该坚信,思想和内容不是通过没头没脑的感伤,而是通过思考而得到的。——车尔尼雪夫斯基   Should believe, thought and content is not sentimental and get through without rhyme or reason, but by thinking. - Chernyshevsky      就科学来讲,把前人获得的零星的真理找出来进一步加以发展,就是当之无愧理应受到奖赏的功劳。——歌德   In terms of science, the previous sporadic truth find out further development, is worthy of the name should be rewarded for credit. -- Gerd      读书忌死读,死读钻牛角。——叶圣陶   Avoid reading dead reading, read the dead ox horn. -- Ye Shengtao      破裂的友谊虽然能恢复,但却再也达不到亲密无间的程度了。——托·富勒   A broken friendship can recover, but never reach the level of intimacy. -- Fuller      富贵固然和友谊的好坏无关,但是贫穷却最能考验朋友憎爱分明的真假。——莎士比亚   Although not rich and friendship is good or bad, but poverty is the best test of true and false friends hate love clear. -- Shakespeare      世上友谊本罕见,平等友情更难求。——培根   The world of this rare friendship, equality and friendship more difficult. -- Bacon      能够使我飘浮于人生的泥沼中而不致陷污的,是我的信心。——但丁   I can float in the mire life without depression sewage, is my confidence. Dante:      一个妻子没有办法把丈夫拴在身边,那是做女人的失败。——琼瑶   A wife could not take her husband to the side, it is a woman's failure. - Qiong Yao      伟大的才能比伟大的成功更不寻常。——沃维纳格   Great to great success is more unusual than. -- Wo Vee Nag      许诺固然可以获得友谊,但培养和保持友谊的还是行动。——费尔瑟姆   That certainly can get friendship, but to cultivate and maintain friendship or action. -- Feltham      没有抽象的真理,真理总是具体的。——列宁   No abstract truth, truth is always concrete. -- Lenin      人生是指我们若没有嗜好的话,便不过如同极度无聊经营不善的剧院而已。——斯蒂文生   Life is that if we do not like it, but it is extremely boring as the mismanagement of the theatre. -- Stevenson      应该懂得这样一个道理:要努力,努力,再努力;如果开始不成功,还要努力,努力,再努力。——威·希克森   Should understand that such a truth: to work, effort, try again; if at first you don't succeed, also work hard, try, try again. -- Viv Hickson      党的任务是对所有国家机关的工作进行总的领导,而不是像目前那样进行过分频繁的,往往是对细节的干涉。——列宁   The task of the party is leads the total of all state organs, the work, and not like the current that too frequent, often is to detail the interference. -- Lenin      敌人只能砍下我们的头颅,决不能动摇我们的信仰!因为我们信仰的主义,仍是宇宙的真理。——方志敏   Enemy can only cut our heads off, never shake our faith! Because our belief is the truth of the universe. -- Fang Zhimin      人生是由哽咽哭泣及微笑所组成的一段过程,而其中更大的部分是哽咽。——波特   Life consists of a smile and cry choking a process, but the greater part is choking. -- Potter      道德美,包含两个互相区别的因素,就是正义与慈爱。——库申   Moral beauty, contains two different factors, is justice and mercy. - Kushan      乡愁,是一张邮票。——余光中   Nostalgia is a stamp. -- Yu Guangzhong      理想,能给天下不幸者以欢乐。——高尔基   Ideal, can give the world the unfortunate with joy. - Golgi      青春是没有经验和任性的。——泰戈尔   Youth is not experience and capricious. -- Tagore      最爱发牢骚的人就是没有能力反抗,不会或不愿工作的人。——高尔基   The grouch is no ability to resist or not, a man who won't work. - Golgi      起支配作用的自私欲常常被误解为一个人投身人类事业的神圣热忱。——埃·哈伯特   Plays the dominant role for selfish is often misunderstood as a person to join the cause of the divine human enthusiasm. -- E Habets      英语名言警句大全:没有信仰,则没有名副其实的品行和生命;没有信仰,则没有名副其实的国土。——惠特曼   Without faith, is not worthy of the name character and life; no faith, is not worthy of the name of the land. -- Whitman      真理像颗宝石,虽然不应涂抹颜色,却可放在显眼的
地方,使其发现更美妙的光彩。——桑塔亚那   Truth is like a jewel, although should not smear the color, but it can be placed in a conspicuous place, which found more wonderful brilliance. -- Santayana      人生各有志。——王粲   Each have a history of life. -- Wang Can      认为大众可以被愚弄牵着鼻子走的人,就是低估社会大众;当然,他在广告圈也不会有什么大成就。——李奥贝纳   That people can be fooled holding his nose in the walk of person, is to underestimate the public; and, of course, he in advertising circles will not have big achievements. - Leo Burnett      正直和诚实还没有发现代用品,人们缺少它就没法取得成功。——布雷默   Integrity and honesty is not found people lack of substitutes, it will not succeed. - Bremer      寻求真理的只能是独自探索的人,和那些并不真心热爱真理的人毫不相干。——帕斯捷尔纳克   Seek the truth can only be alone searched, and those who love the truth is not really irrelevant. -- Pasternak      人生价值的大小是以人们对社会贡献的大小而制定。——向警予   The size of the value of life is the people the size of contribution to society and development. -- Xiang Jingyu      正如每一条金镂是宝贵的,每一刻时间也是宝贵的。——梅森   As per a witch is precious, every moment is precious. -- Mason      一切使人团结的是善与美,一切使人分裂的是恶与丑。——列夫·托尔斯泰   All unite people is good and beautiful, all the people split is bad and the ugly. -- Lev Tolstoy      万事须已远,他得百我闲。青春须早为,岂能常少年。——孟郊   Everything must be far away, and he's got to be a hundred. Youth must be early, how can often juvenile. -- Meng Jiao      人生一世,草木一秋。——冯梦龙   Life I, vegetation and autumn. -- Feng Menglong      安全行走的人才能走得远。——名言   Safe walking people can go far. - motto      维持一个人的生命的事物,是他的事业。——爱默生   To maintain the life of things a person, is his career. -- Emerson      人类最大的幸福就在于每天能谈谈道德方面的事情。无灵魂的生活就失去了人的生活价值。——苏格拉底   The greatest happiness is to talk about moral aspects every day. No soul lives lost one of the value of life. - Socrates      教育的根是苦的,但其果实是甜的。——亚里士多德   The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. -- Aristotle      幽默是表明工人对自己事业具有信心并且表明自己占着优势的标志。——恩格斯   Humor is that workers have confidence in their own career and show signs of their own advantage. -- Engels      思想上的错误会引起语言上的错误,言论上的错误会引起行动上的错误。——皮萨列夫   Ideological errors will cause language errors, speech errors will cause the error action. -- Pisarev      什么是天才!我想,天才就是勤奋的结果。——郭沫若   What is a genius! I think, genius is the result of hard work. -- Guo Moruo      人体欲得劳动,但不当使极耳,动摇则谷气得消,血脉流通,病不得生。譬如户枢,终不朽也。——华佗   The human desire for labor, but not to the lug, shake the Valley gas fire, blood circulation, disease shall be born. For example, door hinge, the end is immortal. -- Hua Tuo      精力充沛的青春,是不怎么容易灭亡的。——卡罗萨   Full of go youth, how not easy to perish. -- Carossa      打破常规的道路指向智慧之宫。——布莱克   The road to the palace of wisdom to break the normal procedure. -- Black      在每个国家,知识都是公共幸福的最可靠的基础。——华盛顿   In each country, knowledge is the surest basis of public happiness. - Washington      外交家——一个具备劝说天才的人,他能说服你心甘情愿地下地狱,并能使你跃跃欲试,巴不得立刻上路。——安比尔斯   Diplomat: a have persuade talented person, he was able to persuade you willingly underground hell and make you eager, anxious at once on the road. -- Ann Beers      只靠信念虽然可以做出奇迹,但这只是表面。意志,不错,意志越坚强,工作越能完成。——杜伽尔   Only by faith can make miracles, but this is only the surface. Good will, the stronger the will, the more complete. Du - gal      有三件事人类都要经历:出生生活和死亡。他们出生时无知无觉,死到临头,痛不欲生,活着的时候却又怠慢了人生。——拉布吕耶尔   There are three things that humans must experience the birth of life and death. When they were born, insensible, death, alive but hardly wished to live., neglect of life. -- Raab Lui Iyer      我爱人生,所以我愿像一个狂信者那样投身到生命的海里。——巴金   I love life, so I would like a bigot that plunge into the sea of life. -- Ba Jin      勉强保持友谊是最难堪的。——普劳图斯   To keep the friendship is the most embarrassing. - plauto      无聊,对于道德家来说是一个严重的问题,因为人类的罪过半数以上都是源于对它的恐惧。——罗素   Boring, for moral is a serious problem, because more than half the sins of mankind is in fear of it. -- Russell      教育植根于爱。——鲁迅   Education is rooted in love. -- Lu Xun   修养的花儿在寂静中开过去了,成功的果子便要在光明里结实。 —— 冰心   The cultivation of flowers bloomed in silence, the fruits of success will be strong in brightness. - Bing