科学的自负比起无知的自负来还只能算是谦虚。——斯宾塞   Science is more modest than ignorance. -- Spencer      鸟欲高飞先振翅,人求上进先读书。——李苦禅   The bird to fly first wings, who seek to improve themselves to reading. -- Li Kuchan      古今来许多世家,无非积德。天地间第一人品,还是读书。——《名言联璧》   Many ancient aristocratic,
but good. Between heaven and earth the first character, or reading. - "maxim Lianbi"      重复是学习之母。——狄更斯   Repetition is the mother of learning. -- Dickens      学习从来无捷径,循序渐进登高峰。——高永祚   There is no shortcut to learning, step by step to the peak. -- Gao Yongzuo      人不光是靠他生来就拥有一切,而是靠他从学习中所得到的一切来造就自己。——歌德   Man is not only by his birth to have everything, but by what he got from the study to create their own. -- Gerd      活着就要学习,学习不是为了活着。——培根   To live is to learn, to learn is not to live. -- Bacon      学习知识要善于思考,思考,再思考。——爱因斯坦   Learn to be good at thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. -- Einstein      情况是在不断的变化,要使自己的思想适应新的情况,就得学习。——毛泽东   The situation is in constant change, to make their own ideas to adapt to the new situation, you have to learn. -- Mao Zedong      我学习了一生,现在我还在学习,而将来,只要我还有精力,我还要学习下去。——别林斯基   I learned a lifetime, and now I am still learning, and in the future, as long as I have the energy, I have to learn to go. -.      学而时习之,不亦说乎?——孔子   Isn't it a pleasure to study, learn and? -- Kong Zi      学习外语并不难,学习外语就像交朋友一样,朋友是越交越熟的,天天见面,朋友之间就亲密无间了。——高士其   It is not difficult to learn a foreign language, learning a foreign language is like making friends, friends are the more pay more familiar, meet every day, between friends intimacy. -- Gao Shiqi      在学习上做一眼勤、手勤、脑勤,就可以成为有学问的人。——吴晗   Do a diligent, diligent and brain diligent in learning, you can become a man of learning. -- Wu Han      正确的道路是这样:吸取你的前辈所做的一切,然后再往前走。——列夫·托尔斯泰   The right way is to take what you have done, and then go straight on. -- Lev Tolstoy      力成文学:只要还有什么东西不知道,就永远应当学习。——小塞涅卡   As long as there is nothing to know, we should always learn. Little Seneca      不要靠馈赠来获得一个朋友。你须贡献你挚情的爱,学习怎样用正当的方法来赢得一个人的心。——苏格拉底   Don't get a friend by presenting a gift. You have to contribute your Zhiqing love and learn how to win the heart of a person in the right way. - Socrates      先生不应该专教书,他的责任是教人做人;学生不应该专读书,他的责任是学习人生之道。。——陶行知   "Sir, he is not supposed to teach, his duty is to teach a man; students should not only study, his duty is to learn the way of life.". -- Tao Xingzhi      立志宜思真品格,读书须尽苦功夫。——阮元   Determined to think of the true character, reading must do the hard work. -- Ruan Yuan      学到很多东西的诀窍,就是一下子不要学很多。——洛克   Learn a lot of tricks, that is, all of a sudden not to learn a lot of. -- Rock      一个爱书的人,他必定不致于缺少一个忠实的朋友,一个良好的老师,一个可爱的伴侣,一个温情的安慰者。——巴罗   A love book, he must not be the lack of a faithful friend, a good teacher, a lovely companion, a warm comfort. Brro      书本上的知识而外,尚须从生活的人生中获得知识。——茅盾   Knowledge from books is to be acquired from life. -- Mao Dun      学如逆水行舟,不进则退。——《增广贤文》   Learning is like riding a boat behind. - "augmented" Xianwen      求学将以致用;读书先在虚心。——《对联集锦》   Study will be used; reading first in an open mind. - "highlights" antithetical couplet      知识是引导人生到光明与真实境界的灯烛,愚暗是达到光明与真实境界的障碍,也就是人生发展的障碍。——李大钊   Knowledge is the guide of life to a candle light and the real boundary and dimwitted are obstacles to the light and the real boundary, also is the life of the development of the disorder. -- Li Dazhao      学习中经常取得成功可能会导致更大的学习兴趣,并改善学生作为学习的自我概念。——布鲁姆   Success in learning may lead to a greater interest in learning, and improve the student's self concept as a learning. -- Bloom      读书和学习是在别人思想和知识的帮助下,建立起自己的思想和知识。——普希金   Reading and learning, with the help of other people's ideas and knowledge, set up their own ideas and knowledge. -- Pushkin      书读的越多而不加思考,你就会觉得你知道得很多;而当你读书而思考得越多的时候,你就会越清楚地看到,你知道得很少。——伏尔泰   The more books you read, the more you will find you know; and when you read, the more you think about it, the more clearly you will see that you know very little. -- Voltaire      读不在三更五鼓,功只怕一曝十寒。——郭沫若   Don't read in the middle of the night five drum work, but work hard for. -- Guo Moruo      业精于勤,荒于嬉;行成于思,毁于随。——韩愈   Efficiency comes from diligence., shortage in the play; line into Si, destroyed with. -- Han Yu      读书是易事,思索是难事,但两者缺一,便全无用处。——富兰克林   Reading is easy, thinking is difficult, but the lack of one, it is no use. -- Franklin      对我来说,不学习,毋宁死。——罗蒙诺索夫   Don't work for me, or die. -- Lomonosov      经常不断地学习,你就什么都知道。你知道得越多,你就越有力量。——高尔基   Often keep on learning, you know everything. The more you know, the more power you have. - Golgi      情况是在不断地变化,要使自己的思想适应新的情况,就得学习。——毛泽东   The situation is constantly changing, to make their own ideas to adapt to the new situation, you have to learn. -- Mao Zedong      夫学须志也,才须学也。非学无以广才,非志无以成学。——诸葛亮   The husband learns Sushi Ya, just need to learn also. Non learning without wide, not only to learn. -- Zhu Geliang      人的天才只是火花,要想使它成熊熊火焰,哪就只有学习!学习。——高尔基   Man's genius is only a spark, but if you want to make it a raging flame, it is only to learn! Study - Golgi      只要心还在跳,就要努力学习。——张海迪   As long as the heart is still jumping, we must work hard to learn. -- Zhang Haidi      力成文学:读书是学习,使用也是学习,而且是更重要的学习。——毛泽东   Reading is to learn, to use is to learn, but also more important to learn. -- Mao Zedong      旧书不厌百回读,熟读精思子自知。——苏轼   Book is 100 to read, read and think that child. -- Su Shi      求学的三个条件是:多观察、多吃苦、多研究。——加菲劳   The three conditions of study are: multi observation, much suffering, much research. -- Gafilao      青年是整个社会力量中的一部分最积极最有生气的力量。他们最肯学习,最少保守思想,在社会主义时代尤其是这样。——毛泽东   Youth is one of the most active and the most active forces in the whole social force. They are most willing to learn, at least to keep their mind, especially in the socialist era. -- Mao Zedong      如果学生在学校里学习的结果是使自己什么也不会创造,那他的一生永远是模仿和抄袭。——列夫·托尔斯泰   If students study in school, the result is that they will not create anything, then his life is always copied and copied. -- Lev Tolstoy      天赋如同自然花木,要用学习来修剪。——培根   Talent like natural plants, need pruning by study. -- Bacon      如果学习只在于模仿,那么我们就不会有科学,也不会有技术。——高尔基   If the study only lies in the imitation, then we will not have the science, also will not have the technology. - Golgi      立身以立学为先,立学以读书为本。——欧阳修   How to learn to learn to read for the li. -- Ou Yangxiu      钉子有两个好处:一个是挤劲,一个是钻劲。我们在学习上要提倡这种钉子精神,善于挤和钻。——雷锋   The nail has two advantages: one is squeezing and a drill. We should advocate this kind of "nail" spirit, be good at squeezing and drilling. -- Lei Feng      知识有如人体血液一样的宝贵。人缺少了血液,身体就要衰弱,人缺少了知识,头脑就要枯竭。——高士其   Knowledge is as precious as the blood of the human body. People are lack of blood, the body will be weak, the lack of knowledge, the mind is going to dry up. -- Gao Shiqi