01、才能的火花,常常在勤奋的磨石上迸发。——威廉·李卜克内西   To spark, often burst in hard stone. -- William Liebknecht      02、不论是老人,还是青年,航行对我们来说都是最后一次。——斯蒂文森   Whether it is the old man, or the young, it is the last time for us to sail. -- Stevenson      03、九州生气恃雷,万马齐喑究可哀。我劝天公重抖擞,不拘一格降人才。——龚自珍   China Life rely on wind and thunder, the Ten thousand horses stand mute. sorrow. We are dying, not to stick to one pattern of talented people. -- Gong Zizheng      04、修养的花儿在寂静中开过去了,成功的果子便要在光明里结实。——冰心   The flower of the culture is open in the silence, and the fruit of success will be strong in the light. -- Bing Xin      05、真正的才智是刚毅的志向。——拿破仑   Is the true wisdom fortitude ambition. -- Napoleon      06、书籍是全世界的营养品。生活里没有书籍,就好像没有阳光;智慧里没有书籍,就好像鸟儿没有翅膀。——莎士比亚   Nutrition books in the world. There is no book in life, there is no sunlight; wisdom without books, as if the birds do not have wings. -- Shakespeare      07、把友谊限于两人范围之内的人,似乎把明智的友谊的安全感与爱的妒嫉和蠢举相混淆。——亚当·斯密   The friendship within the scope of the two person who seems to have a sense of security, wise friendship confused with love and jealousy fandangle. -- Adam Simy      08、给青年人最好的忠告是让他们谦逊谨慎,孝敬父母,爱戴亲友。——西塞罗   The best advice for young people is to make them modest and prudent, honor their parents, and love their relatives and friends. -- Cicero      09、读书之法,在循序而渐进,熟读而精思。——朱熹   Reading of the law, in an orderly and progressive, familiar with the fine si. -- Zhu Xi      10、谁不会休息,谁就不会工作。——列宁   Who won't rest, who won't work. -- Lenin      11、只有人们的社会实践,才是人们对于外界认识的真理性的标准。真理的标准只能是社会的实践。——毛泽东   Only people's social practice is the standard of the truth that people know about the outside world. The standard of truth can only be social practice. -- Mao Zedong      12、人生贵知心,定交无暮早。——袁中道   Life is precious, you have to pay no sooner. -- Yuan Zhongdao      13、管理的第一目标是使较高工资与较低的劳动成本结合起来。——泰罗   Management's first goal is to make higher wages and lower labor costs combined. -- Taylor      14、你可以从别人那里得来思想,你的思想方法,即熔铸思想的模子却必须是你自己的。——拉姆   You can get ideas from others, thinking of you, the casting mold is thought must be your own. -- Rahm      15、先付报酬的工作是肯定干不好的。——约·弗洛里奥   A paid job is sure to do well the. -- John Florio      16、富裕带来荣誉,富裕创造友谊,穷人到哪儿都是下人。——奥维德   The rich bring honor, create rich friendship, where are the poor people. -- Ovid      17、人的活动如果没有理想的鼓舞,就会变得空虚而渺小。——车尔尼雪夫斯基   Human activity, if not inspired, will become empty and small. -- Chernyshevsky      18、人生就象打橄榄球一样,不能犯规,也不要闪避球,而应向底线冲过去。——罗斯福   Life is like playing football, not foul, don't dodge ball, but should be rushed to the bottom line. -- Roosevelt      19、人生须自重。——黄宗羲   Life must be self weight. -- Huang Zongxi      20、让我们继续以此闻名:「这家代理商,花了大部分时间在改进它的理念,而不是在辩解它的正确性」。——李奥贝纳   Let's continue to be famous: "this agent has spent most of the time improving its ideas, and not on the right to justify it.". -- Leo Burnett      21、选择朋友一定要谨慎!地道的自私自利,会戴上友谊的假面具,却又设好陷阱来坑你。——克雷洛夫   Choose a friend must be cautious! Pure egoistic, will put on the mask of friendship, but also set a trap to hang you. -- Krylov      22、躯体总是以惹人厌烦告终。除思想以外,没有什么优美和有意思的东西留下来,因为思想就是生命。——萧伯纳   The body is always in the end. In addition to thinking, there is no beautiful and interesting things to stay, because thought is life. -- Bernard Shaw      23、读书何所求?将以通事理。——张维屏   What are the requirements for reading? Will be the common sense. -- Zhang Weiping      24、我所谓共和国里的美德,是指爱祖国也就是爱平等而言。这并不是一种道德上的美德,也不是一种基督教的美德,而是政治上的美德。——孟德斯鸠   The virtues of the Republic of China, is the love of the motherland is equal to love. This is not a moral virtue, nor is it a virtue, but a political virtue. -- Montesquieu      25、时间像奔腾澎湃的急湍,它一去无还,毫不留恋。——塞万提斯   Time is like surging rapids, it also did not want to. -- Cervantes      26、持续不断地劳动是人生的铁律,也是艺术的铁律。——巴尔扎克   Continuous labor is the life of the iron law, also the art of iron. -- Balzac      27、生活是一种绵延不绝的渴望,渴望不断上升,变得更伟大而高贵。——杜伽尔   Life is a kind of endless yearning, eager to continue to rise, become more great and noble. -- Du Charm      28、我不能说我不珍重这些荣誉,并且我承认它很有价值,不过我却从来不曾为追求这些荣誉而工作。——法拉第   I can't say I do not cherish the honor, and I admit that it is very valuable, but I never had the pursuit of these honor work. -- Faraday      29、我们不应该不惜任何代价地去保持友谊,从而使它受到玷污。如果为了那更伟大的爱,必须牺牲友谊,那也是没有办法的事;不过如果能够保持下去,那么,它就能真的达到完美的境界了。——泰戈尔   We should not be at any price to keep our friendship, so that it is defiled. If you have to sacrifice friendship for that great love, that's no way to do it; but if you can keep it, it will be a perfect state. -- Tagore      30、人和人之间,最痛心的事莫过于在你认为理应获得善意和友谊的地方,却遭受了烦扰和损害。——拉伯雷   Between people and people, the most sad thing is that you think that should be in good faith and friendship, but suffered a disturbing and damage. -- Rabelais      31、知识是从劳动中得来的,任何成就都是刻苦劳动的结晶。——宋庆龄   Knowledge is from work, any achievement is the crystallization of hard work. -- Song Qingling      32、英语名人名言大全:甘心做奴隶的人,不知道自由的力量。——贝克   A man who is willing to be a slave, who does not know the power of freedom. -- Beck      33、真实是人生的命脉,是一切价值的根基。——德莱塞   Truth is the lifeblood of life, is the foundation of all values. -- Dreiser      34、我们是法律的仆人,以便我们可以获得自由。——西塞罗   We are the servants of the law, so that we can obtain freedom. -- Cicero      35、忠诚可以简练地定义为对不可能的情况的一种不合逻辑的信仰。——门肯   Loyalty can be simply defined as an illogical belief in an impossible situation. -- Mencken      36、两个恋人当中总是一方爱另一方,而另一方只是听任接受对方的爱而已。这一点对我们大多数人来说,都是一条必须服从的痛苦的真理。可是偶尔也会有两个彼此热恋而同时又彼此被热恋的情况。——毛姆   The two lovers always love one another, and another is allowed to accept each other's love. This is a painful truth that most of us are to obey. But occasionally there are two love and love each other, but also the situation of being passionately in love. -- Maugham      37、最成功的说谎者是那些使最少量的谎言发挥最大的作用的人。——塞·巴特勒   The most successful liar who lies to play a minimal role in most of the people. -- Jose Butler      38、为乐趣而读书。——毛姆   Reading for pleasure. -- Maugham      39、在学校和生活中,工作的最重要的动力是工作中的乐趣,是工作获得结果时的乐趣以及对这个结果的社会价值的认识。——爱因斯坦   In school and life, the most important driving force of work is the pleasure in work, the pleasure of working as a result, and the recognition of the social value of this result. -- Einstein      40、天才出于勤奋。——高尔基   Genius out of diligence. - Golgi      41、无论哪一行,都需要职业的技能。天才总应该伴随着那种导向一个目标的有头脑的不间断的练习,没有这一点,甚至连最幸运的才能,也会无影无踪地消失。——德拉克罗瓦   No matter what line, all need to be professional skills. The genius always should be accompanied by the kind of directed and uninterrupted practice of a goal oriented, without this, and even the most fortunate to be, will disappear without a trace. -- Delacroix      42、在人类历史的长河中,真理因为像黄金一样重,总是沉于河底而很难被人发现,相反地,那些牛粪一样轻的谬误倒漂浮在上面到处泛滥。——培根   In the long process of human history, truth because like gold as heavy, always sink to the bottom and is difficult to be found, instead, fallacy of the cow dung as light down floating everywhere in the above flood. -- Bacon      43、酒杯里竟能蹦出友谊来。——盖伊   In the wine glass can jump out of a friendship. -- Gaye      44、教育者应当深刻了解正在成长的人的心灵只有在自己整个教育生涯中不断地研究学生的心理,加深自己的心理学知识,才能够成为教育工作的真正的能手。——苏霍姆林斯基   Educators should be a profound understanding of the minds of the people who are growing up in their entire education career to continue to study the psychology of students, deepen their psychological knowledge, to become a real expert in education. -- Sue Home Linsky      45、爱情需要合理的内容,正像熊熊烈火要油来维持一样;爱情是两个相似的天性在无限感觉中的和谐的交融。——别林斯基   Love needs a reasonable content, just as the fire to the oil to maintain the
same; love is the two similar nature in the infinite sense of harmony. --Billingsky      46、人在智慧上应当是明豁的,道德上应该是清白的,身体上应该是清洁的。——契诃夫   People must be Ming Huo in wisdom, morality should be pure, on the body should be clean. -- Chekhov      47、看呀!世界不是劳动的艺术品吗?没有劳动就没有世界。——邓中夏   Look! Is the world a work of art? Without labor there is no world. -- Deng Zhongxia      48、青春,就像受赞美的春天。——勃特勒   Youth, like the spring of praise. -- Butler      49、科学家的成果是全人类的财产,而科学是最无私的领域。——高尔基   The result is the property of all mankind, and science is the most unselfish. - Golgi      50、人类的全部历史都告诫有智慧的人,不要笃信时运,而应坚信思想。——爱献生   The whole history of mankind tells the wisdom of the people, do not believe in fortune, but should believe the thought. - love offered