爱容易轻信。——奥维德   Love is easy to believe. -- Ovid   爱,从来就是一件千回百转的事。不曾被离弃,不曾受伤害,怎懂得爱人。——张小娴   Love is never a matter of innumerable twists and turns. Never been forsaken, never hurt, how to know love. -- Zhang Xiaoxian   爱情是兴致勃勃的外来客,是外来的自我。——爱献生   Love is in the best of spirits of foreign visitors from outside the self. Love to live   爱情本来并不复杂,来来去去不过三个字,不是我爱你、我恨你,便是算了吧、你好吗、对不起。——张爱玲   Love is not complex, come and go but three words, is not I love you, I hate you, is forget it, how are you, I'm sorry. -- Eileen Chang   因为爱过,所以慈悲;因为懂得,所以宽容。——张爱玲   Because of love, so mercy; because understand, so tolerant. -- Eileen Chang   爱情越热烈、越真诚,就越要含蓄。——巴尔扎克   Love more warm, more sincere, the more subtle. -- Balzac   爱情使顺从变成为易事。——英国   Love makes obedience easy. - Britain   我承认天底下再没有比爱情的责罚更痛苦的,也没有比服侍它更快乐的事了。——莎士比亚   I admit nothing more than love, the more painful chastisement, nor did it serve more than happy things. -- Shakespeare   只有爱给你解开不死之谜。——费尔巴哈   Only love will give you the mystery of death. -- Feuerbach   以沉默来表示爱时,其所表示的爱最多。——加尼特   When it comes to love, the love that it represents is the most. -- Garnet   培育爱情必须用和声细语。——奥维德   Love must be in harmony. -- Ovid   一旦你确实需要爱,你就会发现它正在等待着你。——王尔德   Once you really need love, you will find that it is waiting for you. -- Wilde   爱是亘古长明的灯塔,它定晴望着暴却兀不为动,爱就是充实了的生命,正如盛满了酒的酒杯。——泰戈尔   Love is the everlasting long out of the beacon, it will clear looked at the storm but Wu move, love is an enriched life, like a cup full of wine. -- Tagore   草率的婚姻少美满。——莎士比亚   Hasty marriage less happy. -- Shakespeare   爱是一种甜蜜的痛苦,真诚的爱情永不是走一条平坦的道路的。——莎士比亚   Love is a sweet pain, and true love never goes a smooth road. -- Shakespeare   爱情是两颗灵魂的结合。——约翰生   Love is the union of two souls. -- Yue Hansheng   爱情原如树叶一样,在人忽视里绿了,在忍耐里露出蓓蕾。——何其芳   Love is like the leaf, the neglected green in, appeared in the bud in patience. -- He Qifang   爱情是生命的盐。——约谢菲尔德   Love is the salt of life. -- John Sheffield   惧怕爱情就是惧怕生活,而惧怕生活的人就等于半俱僵尸(法国作家比西。——拉比旦R.)   To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are the half born of zombies, the French writer Abhi. - R.)   英语爱情名言:谁按规定去爱,谁就得不到爱。——蒙田   Who according to the regulation to love, who can not love. -- Montaigne   追求爱情它高飞,逃避爱情它跟随。——英国   The pursuit of love, it flies, to escape love it to follow. - Britain   水会流失,火会熄灭,而爱情却能和命运抗衡。——纳撒尼尔李   The water will be lost, the fire will be extinguished, and love will be able to compete with the fate. - Nathaniel Lee   不太热烈的爱情才会维持久远。——莎士比亚   Not too warm to maintain a long love. -- Shakespeare   爱慕一个女子,通常爱她现在的样子;爱慕一个少年,通常着眼于他未来的样子。——卢梭   To love a woman, usually the way she is; to love a young boy, and usually look at his future. -- Rousseau   婚姻是一本书,第一章写下诗篇,其余则是平淡的散文。——尼克斯   Marriage is a book, the first chapter to write poems, and the rest is plain prose. -- Nicks   只要男女真心相爱,即使终了不成眷属,也还是甜蜜的。——丁尼生   If men and women really love each other, even if the end is not too sweet or married. -- Tennyson   爱情是自由自在的,而自由自在的爱情是最真切的。——丁尼生   Love is free, and free love is the most real. -- Tennyson   爱情会自寻出路。——英国   Love will find a way out. - Britain   爱是一种甜蜜的痛苦。——莎士比亚   Love is a sweet pain. -- Shakespeare   爱尚名言:异性友情的发展,就象双曲线,无限接近但永不触及。——卢梭   849959.comThe development of opposite sex friendship, just like a hyperbolic, infinitely close but never touch. -- Rousseau   为了爱情的持续,婚姻的美满,妻子固要取悦丈夫,丈夫也要取悦妻子,至于如何取悦,乃是一种高级的艺术。——柏杨   For the sake of the love, the marriage is happy, the wife is to please her husband, the husband also wants to please his wife, as for how to please, is a kind of high art. -- Bo Yang   人的一生中最要紧的发现自己,而在婚姻中则是被人所发现。——冉拉尔   The most important thing in a person's life is to find themselves, and in the marriage is to be found. Jean - lar   爱的力量是和平,从不顾理性、成规和荣辱,它能使一切恐惧、震惊和痛苦在身受时化作甜蜜。——莎士比亚   Love is a force for peace, despite the rational, etiquette and honor, it can make all the fear, shock and pain at the time was turned into a sweet. -- Shakespeare   彼此恋爱,却不要做爱的系链。——纪伯伦   Love each other, but don't make love bond. -- Gibran   婚姻的唯一伟大之处,在于唯一的爱情,两颗心的互相忠实。——罗曼罗兰   The only great thing about marriage is that the only love, two hearts of mutual loyalty. -- Romain Rolland   假如你问我该不该结婚,我会回答你:无论如何,你都会后悔的。——苏格拉底   If you ask me if I should get married, I will answer you: anyway, you will regret it. - Socrates   不要一见钟情。——英国   Don't fall in love at. - Britain   爱是理解的别名。——泰戈尔   Love is the alias of understanding. -- Tagore   谁口口声声说我不爱,谁就在爱。——奥维德   Who says I do not love, who is in love. -- Ovid   喷泉的水堵不死,爱情的火扑不灭。——蒙古   The water of the fountain does not die, and the fire of love does not die. - Mongolia   长相知,才能不相疑;不相疑,才能长相知。——曹禺   The appearance of knowledge, can not doubt; do not doubt, to the appearance of knowledge. -- Cao Yu   青年人无法无天,玩弄爱情;中年人食髓知味,追求爱情;老年人寂寞无聊,回忆爱情。—秋田雀   Young people play with love; lawless, middle-aged shisuizhiwei, pursuit of love; the elderly lonely boring, the memories of love. -- Akita Yu   你所结婚的对象是你在最脆弱时觉得最适合于你的人。——贝里克   The object of your marriage is that you feel the most suitable for you in the most vulnerable. -- Belik   爱是生命的火焰,没有它,一切变成黑暗。——罗曼罗兰   Love is the flame of life, without it, everything becomes dark. -- Romain Rolland   当你幸福的时候,切勿丧失使你成为幸福的德行。——莫罗阿   When you are happy, do not lose the virtue that makes you happy. -- Moroa   爱情和智慧,二者不可兼得。——培根   Love and wisdom, the two can not have both. -- Bacon   人生是花,而爱便是花的蜜。——雨果   Life is a flower, and love is the honey of the flower. -- Hugo   爱情不仅丰富多彩,而且还赏心悦目。——申斯通   Love is not only rich and colorful, but also good to hear or see. -- Shen Sitong   把爱拿走,我们的地球就变成一座坟墓了。——法国   Take away love, and our earth is a tomb. - France   妻子不贞,丈夫有一半责任。丈夫不贞,太太也有一半责任。如果把对方逼得落荒而逃,责任就更大。——柏杨   An unfaithful wife, husband of half the responsibility. Her husband of infidelity, wife and half the responsibility. If the other side is forced to flee, responsibility is bigger. -- Bo Yang   对我所爱的人保持信赖和沉默。——卢梭   Keep faith and silence for the people I love. -- Rousseau   爱得匆忙,散得也快。——约海伍德   Love is in a hurry, and so is it. - Yuehaiwude   聪明的爱人珍惜的是爱人的爱,而不是爱人的礼物。——陶玛士   Smart love is the love of the lover, not the gift of love. -- Tao Mashi   爱情没有特定的法则。——高尔   Love has no particular rule. Goyle   爱情抵抗不住繁琐的家务,必须至少有一方品质极坚强。——巴尔扎克   Love cannot resist the tedious housework, must have at least one party quality extremely strong. -- Balzac   没有什么绳索能比爱情拧成的双股线更经拉,经拽。——罗伯顿   Not what rope twisted than love into a double strand by pulling the pull. - ROM Burton   人必须生活着,爱才有所附丽。——费尔巴哈   People must live, love can depend on. -- Feuerbach   爱情有一千个动人的心弦而又各不相同的音符。——乔克雷布   There are one thousand touching love heart but not the same notes. -- Jo Kleib   一个人真爱的时候,甚至会想不到自己是爱着对方。——狄太人   When a person is true love, even can not think that he is loving each other. - Jewish   爱是不会老的,它留着的是永恒的火焰与不灭的光辉,世界的存在,就以它为养料。——左拉   Love is not old, it is to keep an eternal flame and eternal light, the existence of the world, takes it as nourishment. -- Zola   爱情需要薄薄的一层忧伤,需要一点点嫉妒、疑虑、戏剧性的游戏。——瓦西列夫   Love needs a thin layer of sadness, need a little jealous, doubt, dramatic game. -- Vasiliev   仓促结婚,是要在悠闲中悔恨的。——康格里夫   Hurry to get married, is to be in a leisurely and carefree. -- Congreve   爱情的意义在于帮助对方提高,同时也提高自己。——车尔尼雪夫斯基   The meaning of love is to help each other to improve, but also to improve their own. - Chernyshevsky   爱神能征服一切,我们还是向爱神屈服吧。——维吉尔   Love can conquer all, we still surrender to love god. -- Virgil   发号施令爱情中是行不通的。——蒙田   Is not the issue orders left and right in love. -- Montaigne   完成工作的方法是爱惜每一分钟。——达尔文   The way to do the work is to cherish every minute. -- Darwin   英语爱情名言:恋人的秘密不可叫对方全部探了去。——艾迪生   The secret of a lover is not to be called to the other party. -- Addison   爱神奏出无声旋律,远比乐器奏出的悦耳动听。——托布朗   Cupid's silent melody, far more than the musical instrument of the beautiful. -- Tobrand   生命诚可贵,爱情价更高,若为自由故,二者皆可抛。——裴多菲   Life is precious, love price is higher, if it is free, the two can be thrown. -- Petfi   爱情和婚姻是两股道上跑的车。——蒙台涅   Love and marriage are two streams running. - Montaigne   爱情使所有的人变成雄辩家这话说得绝对正确。——罗格林   Love makes all men become eloquent. This is absolutely true. -- Luo Gelin   爱情是两个人的利己主义。——拉萨尔   Love is the two person's self interest. - LaSalle   热得快的爱情,冷得也快。——威瑟   Hot love is soon cold. - Floyd   能够说出的委屈,便宜不算委屈;能够抢走的爱人,便不算爱人。——玄漪说   Be able to say the grievances, cheap not wronged; to take away the lo
ve, it is not a lover. Xuan Yi said:   莫道不消魂,帘卷西风,人比黄花瘦。——李清照   Don't say no to ecstasy, the west wind, thinner than yellow. -- Li Qingzhao   能使所爱的人快乐,便是得了报酬。——巴尔扎克   To make the one you love is happy, then you get paid. -- Balzac   婚姻的成功取决于两个人,而一个人就可以使它失败。——塞缪尔   The success of a marriage depends on two people, and a person can make it fail. -- Samuel   爱情中的苦与乐始终都在相互争斗。——绪儒斯   Love in the bitter and music is always in a fight with each other. - Xu Joinet Si   爱情是不讲法律的。——圣哲罗姆   Love is not a law. - sage Rom   爱情是一个不可缺少的、但它只能是推动我们前进的加速器,而不是工作、学习的绊脚石。—张志新   Love is an indispensable, but it can only be the accelerator that pushes us forward, rather than a job, learning the stumbling block. -- Zhang Zhixin   爱尚名言:爱情把我拽向这边,而理智却要把我拉向那边。——奥维德   849959.comLove drag me to this side, but reason has to pull me to the other side. -- Ovid   恋爱是结婚的过程;结婚是恋爱的目的。——易卜生   Love is the process of marriage; the purpose of marriage is love. -- Ibsen   关关雎鸠,在河之洲;窈窕淑女,君子好逑。——《诗经》   Jujiu cage, in the river; a quiet and modest maiden, a gentleman's good mate. -- "the book of songs"   爱情往往是结婚的果实。——莫里哀   Love is often the fruit of marriage. -- Moliere   离别对于爱情,就像风对于火一样:它熄灭了火星,但却能煽起狂焰。——阿巴巴耶娃   Absence is to love what wind is to fire, it goes out to Mars, but up flames. -- Abba Baeva   拌着眼泪的爱情是最动人的。——司各特   With tears of love is the most moving. -- Scott   两情若是久长时,以岂在朝朝暮暮。——秦观   Two love for me, to be in every morning and evening. - Qin Guan   身无彩凤双飞翼,心有灵犀一点通。——李商隐   Cai Feng Shuangfei body without wings, heart to heart. -- Li Shangyin   爱情不能用常识衡量。——日本   Love can't be measured by common sense. - Japan   真挚而纯洁的爱情,一定渗有对心爱的人的劳动和职业的尊重。——邓颖超   Sincere and pure love, must have the respect of the labor and the occupation of the beloved. -- Deng Yingchao   狂热的爱情总是绝不会持久的。——罗赫里克   Crazy love will never last. -- Locher Rick   不能使你发奋的爱,不如不爱。——拿破仑   You cannot make hard love, not love. -- Napoleon   春天没有花,人生没有爱,那还成个什么世界。——郭沫若   Spring without flowers, life is not love, it is also a world. -- Guo Moruo   对爱情不必勉强,对婚姻则要负责。——罗兰   Love does not have to force, the marriage is to be responsible for. -- Luo Lan   爱情没有规则,也不应该有条件。——黎里   Love has no rules, and no conditions. -- Li Li   爱情有着奇妙的魔力,它使一个人为另一个人所倾倒。——瑟伯与怀特   Love has a magic power, which makes a person fall for another person. -Thurber and White   按规则去爱,就得不到爱。——蒙田   To love, to love, to love. -- Montaigne   若爱她,让你的爱像阳光一样包围她,并且给她自由。——泰戈尔   If you love her, let your love surround her like the sun, and give her freedom. -- Tagore   结婚是因误解而成立的。——王尔德   Marriage is a misunderstanding. -- Wilde   我爱我的祖国,爱我的人民,离开了他们,我就无法生存,更无法写作。——巴金   I love my motherland, love my people, left them, I can not survive, but can not write. --Ba Jin